Young Rembrandts is a company with a vision for teaching art to children. The company is one of the leading art tutoring businesses in the country with a network of franchises all trained in the methods developed by the enterprise with the goal of bringing art education to the classroom of every child.

The main focus of Young Rembrandts’ method is teaching kids to draw. It involves a demonstration by the art tutor and a structured step-by-step process where the kids also get introduced to art concepts, history, and mastery of the various techniques. young rembrandts children art educationThese methods are designed to equip the students with the necessary foundational skills to continue participating in the arts long after the program.

Results have revealed that children who learn according to the Rembrandt’s method show improved spatial reasoning and fine motor skills, visualization, order and sequencing skills, self-discipline as well as fundamental art skills. Young Rembrandts franchisees partner with preschools

Art classes at Young Rembrandts are created with fun in mind. Thus their classes offer child-friendly and relevant subject matters aimed at sparking the interest of the child thereby increasing the rate of knowledge and retention. Their drawing programs are built off recognized drawing programs which work with original art curriculum developed by a team of artists and educators. These programs are multisensory, designed to meet every child at their individual skill levels.

young rembrandts children art education

Young Rembrandts was founded by Bette Fetter in 1988 and has grown from a home tutoring service to a worldwide franchise with weekly classes. Fetter applied her fine arts and child development backgrounds to create a step-by-step method of teaching kids to draw. Fetter has with her team of educators and artists built learning sessions which ensure that the children get enrolled from preschool to sixth grade, and they never have to repeat a lesson.

Young Rembrandts offer programs in different 31 states of the federation including Newfoundland, Labrador, and Ontario. The classes built for kids aged 3½ to 5 includes school-sponsored drawing classes and parent funded drawing classes. Those for children aged 6 to 12 include drawing classes, cartooning classes and themed workshops. All of these classes are searchable via your zip of postal code to get the one nearest to you.

According to Fetter, “there are visible academic, and art benefits for children that participate in our program and Young Rembrandt’s students have fun while developing fundamental art literacy and improved academic abilities.”

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