Art takes many forms.
Some people draw fierce women with oil colours, while others spray on funny remarks. Some people draw beautiful views with watercolours, while others do collages on canvases with mixed materials. That’s the beauty of art- it’s anything and everything at the same time. It could even be beautiful perfectly crafted cartoon figures and funny made-up caricatures- doing the most unusual things.

Such an artist, that uses his imagination as well as his own hand- is Tim Boyd- and we had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about his amazing work…

When did art first found you?
“I have been drawing since I was 3. As kids, my brothers and I would stay up late at night drawing funny pictures trying to crack each other up.”

And, was it just a hobby at that age or did you publish your work anywhere?
“I made it through High school drawing for the school paper. In college, I created a weekly comic strip that ran in the school paper until I left.”

Sounds like a lovely way to grow up…
Where has your art been displayed since then?
“Since then I have shown in galleries around Atlanta and have been featured in the local paper. I have sold internationally and some of my pieces can be seen in the movie “The 5th Wave” I show mostly in the south east USA.”

Do you sell your art online?
“I sell my art in my own website, mostly canvases. There I also take Commissions and special requests from people looking for a specific idea brought into paper.
I also sell items printed by my art work on Society6, things like clocks, throw pillows, iPhone cases, coffee mugs and even tote bags!”

What inspires you?
“I am inspired by comic books, comic strips, and street artists. I have three young kids and a beautiful wife who inspire me everyday as well!”.

You can follow Tim Boyd and his work further in his Facebook page or Instagram account- you are promised great art and a good laugh!