Art often imitates life, but for the better parts of it it is inspired by fiction, stories and a world of fantasy. Sama is one of those people who uses art to show their own fantastic mind. With a skilled hand, this lady from Melbourne is selling her creations for you to keep… In your home, on your walls, on your working desk or even as a gift. Visual Greatness had a little Heart-to-Heart with Sama, and this is what she had to say…

So, Sama… When did you start making art? And why fantasy art?
I have been drawing since I was very young and always loved art and fantasy and storytelling. As I grew up, my passion also grew and In 2011, I finished my Bachelors in Digital Art (Games Design) at RMIT University, in Melbourne.

What is your day job- or is art your day job?
After I finished my studies I moved on to teaching, but found my real love was in digital art. 2016 was the year I finally decided to officially “go freelance” and started up my own art business called “Deridias Designs”. Through Deridias Designs I offer commissions, graphic design, murals, illustrations and other design work. My Etsy store offers A4 and A3 art prints, as well as colouring pages.

Here are just some of Sama’s art pieces:


What I loved mostly about Sama’s creations is that they often relate to my adventurous side, the one that dreams about flying away in a time-ship to 1700’s to rediscover the world as we know it!

Care to see more of Sama’s designs and art work and purchase one of her pieces? Here are all the ways to do so:

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