Leela Michal Lior is amazing artists from Israel, that creates unique and high-quality printable art. Printable art is our generation’s top form of art consumption.
Since a lot of people are looking into having an art piece they can customize and fit to their own needs- they enjoy ordering from artists like Leela, who can create amazing art for them with the touch of their mouse pads.
Printable art has also become so popular due to the significant lower cost of it VS canvas art. Printable artists create a file they can customize and re-sell and take only a small fee for their services, while providing a high resolution file to the buyer. The buyers can enjoy the high quality and talent of the artist, alongside the low price and the immediate factor of it all.
One of the recent uprising stars in the printable art scene is Leela Michal Lior, and Visual Greatness simply had to take the time to interview her about her art work, what inspires her and her unique life style.

Hey Leela, where are we catching you?

Well, actually in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I have recently moved here… I like the quiet vibe and the fact that everything seems possible in Thailand. I believe that this is the best grounds for my printable-art business.

Speaking of your business… What do you do?

I sell printable art on Etsy.
I often get these cool ideas of what would look amazing on a wall… It could be a quote from somewhere, a sentence from the bible, or anything for that matter. I like to think about different rooms in a house and what might they need- like a nursery that requires different wall art than a “grown-ups” room due to style and design reasons as well as for the younger eye of a child.

Was art always “your thing”?

To be honest… No.
I hear so many stories from other artists who have “been doing this since they were 7 years old”, but the truth is that it took me about 17 years to discover that I’m into art.
At the age of 17 I found this interesting course for painting on silk. I was fascinated! I think that my artistic beginning was also my “entrepreneurship” beginning, as I was so into painting on silk that I convinced my best friend to buy fabrics and the both of us started painting on them and selling them as scarves in the southest and most touristic city of Israel- Eilat.

That only opened my eyes to the huge potential of creating art… My next business was also in Eilat, I was into hair design- but not in the way you might think… I loved the idea of using colourful strings to make one’s hair look unique, as well as creating new jewelry, and I had a booth (stand) in Eilat’s boardwalk selling hair wrapping and jewelry for about 3 years.

Did you always travel with your art?

Not really.
The business of weaving hair and selling handmade jewelry did travel with me, and I took it with me when I left Eilat and tried doing it in japan and in Australia for a while.
But after few years I came back home and completely changed my life and business goals. I opened up a business of hosting and producing bachelorette parties. Not very artistic some might say- but I saw so much and fun and energy in it and I was good at what I did.

My business at the moment is sort of “running itself”, with my staff being amazing as they are, and I was once again looking for another passion… That’s how I ended up in Thailand.

So how do one person turn from doing bachelorette parties to creating high resolution printable art files?

That’s a decent question.
My current business actually met me while I started the bachelorette business.
I am a kind of person that wants to do everything by themselves… We didn’t have back them all the amazing tools we have today to self-build a website, but I managed to build a pretty decent one, but I really wanted to be able to do my own logo. This was 15 years ago, not the time of Fiverr/Freelancer and so many other websites where you could get a cheap & fast solution. Plus- the business was who I am. I wanted to be the one who does the logo for it. So I took a graphics design course and gave it my best shot. At that point I actually found myself hiring a freelancer for the job, but I kept on trying and learning more and  ended up designing all of my banners, as well as the entire graphics needs of the business throughout the years.

But as much as I loved what I do, and still love it… The business was running itself.
I was constantly looking for my next passion, my next motivation.

So why sell on Etsy, out of all things?

Oh, that was totally by accident!
One day I got an email from Etsy.com in the middle of the night, and was going to delete it right away, but clicked on it instead. I remember seeing there this really cool print by one of the sellers and it light something in me.
I stayed up all night going through every nook and cranny of the site, researched the whole concept of printable art and realized – I could do this!!

I could totally do this! And not only can I do it- but I could be as creative as I want, and simply grow and develop- endlessly. After 2 weeks of research I opened my business.
I knew that I needed some kind of change of scenery, plus I wanted to fully devote my time to my new Etsy store, so I relocated myself temporarily to a cheaper place. One that will allow me to focus my time and funds back into the business.

So, leading us back to Chiang Mai… Anything else you’d like to say?

I think that every person has their own unique character, and that character is what should be the determine factor in what that person chooses to do for a living. I love my new direction in life so much… I’ve always been this person that gets bored too quickly, and I never knew what to do with that… But now? If I’m bored I simply take on a different style.
Right now I am really connecting to creating art that is all about nature and it’s wonderful creatures like mermaids and unicorns.

You can see more from Leela’s amazing art work as well as order a high-res print from her via her Etsy store- LeelaPrintableArt. With more than 400 designs (and more going live every week)- we are sure you’ll find the perfect art for your home, office, nursery or even bedroom or living room. You can also stay updated with all of her offers and new prints by following her Pinterest page or liking her on Facebook!

Good luck Leela, we expect great thing from you!