One of the most important things we like to do here in Visual Greatness is to introduce amazing artists and let them tell their unique story, showcase their work and talk about how they started they artistic career.
We were fortunate to interview Nicole Kristiana, the artist that will amaze you with her animal art prints.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I run Nicole Kristiana Studio. I sell my art in galleries, boutiques and museum stores. I’m based out of Wilmington, DE. I’ve been selling my artworks since 2008.

How do you manage your art business?
My husband does a lot for my business, even thought he’s head of IT for a software company. We both work full-time corporate jobs and have an 11 months year old. Art is on top of that!
I work in Advertising for a national bank during the week days, and the weekends are for family and art! On the weekends in the warmer months, I sell my art at local fine art and craft shows.

Where do you live?
Do you have a studio for your work?
We live a simple life. We have a nice home with a dog, a cat, a fish and a baby.
I create my art in the dining room and the garage has been turned into a production studio.
We do, matting, signing, framing and printing there.
I have a few interns who help me keep up.

Have you studied art in a professional way, or learned it on-the-go?
I have gone to a lot of art schools.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of the Arts, and the International School of Drawing Painting and Sculpture in Italy.

Now, let’s bring the focus back to the art…
What kind of art do you do?
I do whimsical art prints of animals. They have vibrant colors and bohemian patterns. I create the original pieces in gouache and pen. For now, I have limited and open edition prints. Each are hand-signed by me. Originals are sold in gallery and exhibitions.
My works may seem juvenile, but they have sophisticated color and line usage that makes them seem effortlessly compelling. The use of color is complex and engaging. Lines are used to describe the form and unnecessary line is removed.
I love doing alphabet and animal prints. I find that they are great for kids’ rooms/nurseries… However, a lot of adults liked them as well.

What are your favorite art tools?
I use a combination of western and eastern style brushes to create my works. I feel that each one brings different unique qualities to the paper in weight and fluidity. I use only professional grade paints. One cannot get the color I do from student level supplies. The quality and originality of my work is what sets me apart from other animal print artists.

Do you have an artistic signature feature?
Each piece has a butterfly in it, which I use as a symbolic signature.

Do you sell original pieces or prints?
I mostly sell prints, they start as low as $7 for an open edition unmatted hand-signed print. Originals sell for $2,500 and up.

Thanks for sharing, Nicole!

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