house portrait by molly jessup

Art takes many forms, it has so many different concepts and could be found anywhere. Visual Greatness magazine recently interviewed a woman with a unique talent for architecture portraits. Yup, you got that right. This is a talented artist that makes portraits of buildings and houses. Your home could be next!

Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself Molly?
I’m Molly Jessup and I’m the owner of Carolina Cabin Art, a store I opened on Etsy. I focus my shop on pen and ink architecture portraits that capture homes, businesses, wedding venues, etc.

That’s really cool, and very unusual. How did you start this business?
Up until a few years ago this was a hobby and a way to give loved ones special gifts. It was until my recipients started asking to purchase portraits for others that I realized I had a business on my hands! I’m a transplant of Memphis, TN living in Raleigh, North Carolina but my business is based out of both cities as I split my time between the two.

Sounds like you’ve got your hands full…
I’m also a mom to an adventurous and curious toddler, Mac. My “day job” is being a stay at home mom, but I’m often found working at my blue desk covered in ink, cookie crumbs, and listening to Elmo! Balancing a small business and parenthood isn’t always easy, but it’s always interesting!

Do you have a certain passion or would you draw anything and with any material?
I focus primarily on pen and ink architecture portraits. I do mostly homes, but am also commissioned to do wedding venues and businesses. I’ve teamed up with realtors to provide closing gifts, wedding planners to provide wedding gifts and so on.

Care to participate in one of Molly’s GiveAways?

Make sure to follow Molly’s Instagram account- she is always creating these cool GiveAways that could make one of you the owner of yet another home- only this one would be an ink replica of your own! (Or whichever amazing monumental building Molly will choose to GiveAway next!)

You could also find some inspiring pieces in Molly’s official Facebook page:
Carolina Cabin Art . If you want to learn more bout Molly and her business make sure to drop by her Etsy store.

Good luck Molly- from all of us here at Visual Greatness!

house portrait by molly jessup