There are so many people today who do… Everything.
So many artists paint in oil colors, so many talented people do amazing illustration jobs, but in order for one to find something truly unique- you really need to look into the right corners of the web.

Visual Greatness found Joe for the first time on Instagram, and at first we just thought he was… Cool. We were looking for some artistic inspiration when we saw one of Joe’s amazing skateboard art:

First Impression

At first we found it to be a bit punk, young, hip, cool and all that, and as we started exploring Joe’s business and artistic style we were amazed to discover so many different things about him and his work.
Joe Bloch lives in Brooklyn, and the description of his work on his website cannot be more accurate as his art is his way to “capture the raw psychoses of contemporary urban life”. Simple and complexed at the same time- Joe’s acrylic work hits right on the target, with signature strokes and a strong sense of vividness in each painting.

His work got to be described as so many things- mostly opposite things- from each person who’s seen it. How can you explain so many people calling his work- an organized mess? Or both realistic and expressionist? Or our favorite metaphor of them all: Heavy metal on a canvas.

Creative Bloch Gallery

Joe is not only an artist, but he is also a good hearted gallery owner, who owns “Creative Bloch” gallery at Dumbo, Brooklyn. The gallery is his way to help young emerging artists to showcase their talent.

Unique Art

Using as his main point of contact, Joe’s work is displayed in his site to perfection, explaining why he paints the way he does, what is his canvas and how you can acquire pieces of his art. What we loved most about Joe Bloch is that you could be anybody, on any budget, and if you’d like to bring in the chaos and beauty of Brooklyn into your home- you could.
Selling original art pieces next to prints and accessories- Joe really made sure that anyone who’d want to bring in a piece of his vision into their home could do so… And here are some of the amazing things you’ll be able to find in his original art section:

The art of Printing

However, as we said before, Joe also offers people to opportunity to purchase prints of his work using the FineArtAmerica platform.  Using their platform you could get, not only amazing wall art prints from Joe Bloch, but also other items such as throw pillows, coffee mugs, canvas prints, tote bags and more.
Here are some of the paintings you’ll be able to fine there: (for t-shirts, bags and sweatshirts by Joe Bloch click HERE)

Never fall out of ART.

If you want to make sure you’re always caught up with Joe’s latest work, special promotions and new products you could follow him on Instagram or Twitter, as well as like his fan page on Facebook.

We found that the best way to describe Joe’s work was by using his own words, taken from his about section on his art website. Maybe this will shed some light over the artistic soul that is Joe Bloch.

Bloch’s work is gritty and emotional, depicting Brooklyn as the modern industrial dystopia. Bloch creates the haunting narrative of the city with many machines but no people. Although not literal representation of New York, the images are powerful, raw and thought-provoking. But just because the images do not coincide with the literal reality of the city, that does not make them inherently misleading-in fact, they may be more honest than we know.