cropped-shutterstock_328930715.pngVisual Greatness is an arts magazine meant to cover all aspects of art in our daily lives. We are a team of people who are devoted to art, and see art as our daily cause. Some of us are painters, painting with oil or acrylic colours. Some of us dangle with photography, aiming to seize a perfect moment when we see one.

Our goal is to provide you with the latest art news, give you our own personal opinion about art, supply you with an endless amount of art-know-hows and tutorials- so you too can enjoy the liberty of creating whatever is on your mind. We will often provide advice on how to sell your art, or feature new artists who took that step to try and sell their art work.

If you have any ideas for us, interesting items we should check out, please let us know by commenting or contacting us via our contact us page.

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