Canadian artist Lorette C Luzajic is definitely on our top 10 favorite artists for the year 2017- and Visual Greatness can see great things for her this year.
We asked Lorette- what kind of art do you do? To that she replied:
“I make unique art that is difficult to describe. It is collage and mixed media work that layers found imagery and text such as advertising or poetry with layers of different paints, inks, pastels, crayon, and more. It can be abstract, expressionist, or pop art and often has a street vibe. I’m concerned with words, juxtapositions, colour, and texture.”

Isn’t that amazing?
So, in order to honor that amazing woman and artist, Visual Greatness art magazine decided to tell you our personal 7 reasons why we think you too should follow Lorette this year! Are you ready to start?

#1 She’s the owner of Mixed Up Media

Lorette’s personal brand is called Mixed Up Media, and the reason why we love it so much is that it actually describes very well- everything she does. Using different materials and different techniques in every single one of her art pieces, while combining her thoughts into long lasting collages. Lorette simply found the proper name to give her business.

#2 She knows how to capture the moment…

With her camera!
Yes, Lorette is also a gifted photographer, and you could enjoy her art work in her website’s photography section. I found that most of her work is about capturing a moment in time, a person doing something unique at that moment… Something that might seem regular for that person- but is unique for us.

#3 She makes art… Funny!

While going over her pieces we couldn’t help but notice this piece here, with a sexy 20’s visual of a man and a woman, and the woman whispers in the man’s ears to buy her some art supply! We find that with her sense of humor- her art actually makes a great gift- for other artists!

#4 She sells on Etsy

We love, we think it’s one of the best platforms known to man- more than eBay and Amazon… Well, cause we love Art. Lorette is the owner of an Etsy store named LorettesArt. In her store she sells some of her “smaller” pieces (in size, not in quality).
Many artists believe that simply opening a website for their art would be enough, they don’t understand that you really need to put yourself out there- and spread your art in every way you can.
Here are some of the art pieces you could find in her Etsy store:

#5 She is the editor of Ekphrastic

Lorette is not only an artist but also the editor of arts journal The Ekphrastic Review. Go to Ekphrastic.Net to find unique and insightful reviews on old and new art pieces from all ovet the world. And not just visual art but also poetry, and basically- all kinds of art as we know it.

#6 She has a great Instagram account!

As a lot of artists only use their professional photographed pictures for social media- Lorette really understands what her fans want to see- and that is, like her business, a mix.
In her Instagram account you’ll be able to find images of her amazing collages, alongside pictures of her and pictures of her work- in the making! And the process is what we live for! She is blunt and honest, showing us her workspace, her inspirations, and often- even a glass of wine on the canvas. She is simply showing us- HER.

#7 She celebrated the Geisha

For more reasons than we can say- we love Memories of a Geisha. This is truly one of the biggest work of arts our visual world has ever seen, and to have an artist that showcases this respect by adding the Geisha to her collages– is simply eye-candy!

So, with all that in mind- we see a great 2017 for you Lorette- keep up the good work, and keep us updated!